Girls' Education

Girls' Education

At Education Development Trust, we know that girls’ education is one of the challenges of our times.  Levelling up educational opportunities for girls around the world is key to unlocking the potential of girls to lead more fulfilling lives and fully contributing to the economy and society.  Our passion for girls’ education is matched by our experience and expertise, with a deep evidence base and extensive delivery of programmes that benefit girls in different ways across the world.

Understanding barriers to girls’ education around the world

We are committed to researching the barriers to girls’ education, as well as interventions that can advance their access to schooling, and promote longevity in school and learning. Existing research tells a powerful story and girls’ education is rightly a policy and strategic priority for governments around the world. Higher levels of girls’ education have long been associated with better health, longer lives, improved child survival rates and financial security. Despite this, many girls are still not guaranteed access to school and remain at high risk of dropping out and failing to complete even basic education. The issues and the solutions are complex and multi-dimensional, and our research work has long focused on this topic. We produce research which can support policymakers and educational decision-makers to take action to support girls in accessing and completing quality education.

Our expertise in girls’ education

Many of our staff have first-hand understanding of the challenges that marginalised girls face in acquiring an education. Their knowledge, skills and passion combine to ensure we deliver the highest standards in programme design, quality control, highly collaborative partnerships, evidence-informed procedures, inspirational leadership, and a commitment throughout to the equality and empowerment of girls in education systems.

Our expertise: programming for the advancement of girls’ education

Our strong track record and vast experience of delivering results in girls’ education enables us to provide meaningful insights from our high-impact programmes. We recognise the importance of teaching quality and inclusive pedagogy, creating local coaches and investing in leaders, building community coalitions for girls’ education, harnessing peer support, developing systems to support female leadership, and investing in gender-disaggregated data to create programmes which make a tangible, positive difference for girls all over the world.

Covid-19 and vulnerability

As Covid-19 impacts millions of people across the world, the most vulnerable will be affected most acutely, and the impact on them will be felt the longest. In many low-income countries, girls in particular face multi-dimensional challenges. We know that out of school, many will face great pressures related to increased household responsibilities and income-generating burdens, as well as increased risks of early marriage and pregnancy. Similarly, children with disabilities may be locked out of learning completely, with shifts to ‘remote’ learning unable to overcome the often-complex barriers to accessing material without appropriate content mediation. As systems begin to reintegrate, there is a real risk that many of the most vulnerable will not return to school. This generational impact of the Covid-19 crisis requires all our knowledge, expertise and endeavour to avoid.

Let all girls learn

Our multi-year programme in Kenya, part of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) Girls’ Education Challenge programme, exemplifies how lives can be transformed through a deep understanding of gender issues and a holistic approach to the challenges of ensuring girls’ education in low-income contexts. Through this programme, we are working effectively with local partners to help get more girls into life-changing education – and keeping them there.

Covid-19 response

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