Education Development Trust gains 'Excellent' Merlin Standard accreditation

As a prime provider of the National Careers Service in England, Education Development Trust has recently been re-accredited against the Merlin Standard, with a rating of “Excellent”. The score has increased from 80% (Good) in our first accreditation in 2018 to 86%. This includes a 10% increase in scoring on the supply chain design element of the framework, which is a significant achievement.

The purpose of the Merlin Standard is to support the development, recognition, and promotion of sustainable excellence, and positive partnership working within supply chains.

We were identified as being particularly strong in Supply Chain Design and Supply Chain Partner development where our work in building a strong ‘culture of communication’ was praised. Supply Chain Partners comments included: “Open and honest- she {the Education Development Trust Supply Chain Manager} would come in every day if necessary.”

The assessment team commented that the trends in overall scoring never normally increase in the way they have as part of our re-accreditation which is a reflection on the outstanding performance of the Education Development Trust careers team.

Laura Bell, Careers Director at Education Development Trust said:
“I am delighted by the result we have received for our Merlin Standard reaccreditation, which demonstrates the hard work we have continued to put in since our last assessment in 2018. Education Development Trust are proud that as a prime provider of the National Careers Service, we are able to show that through excellent communication and transparency with our Supply Chain Partners, we have been able to build strong working relationships that help to drive success.”

Education Development Trust is proud of the hard work carried out by the Careers team along with our supply chain partners to achieve this highly acclaimed recognition.

Further information on the Merlin Standard can be found at