EdDevTrust begins delivering School-Led Tutoring Training Course for England

We are delighted to announce that Education Development Trust is delivering the School-Led Tutor Training Course as part of the School-Led Tutoring pillar of the National Tutoring Programme in England, with expert training in tutoring now available to schools.

School-Led Tutoring is one of three pillars available through the National Tutoring Programme (NTP), which seeks to provide high-quality, targeted tutoring to pupils in Key Stages 1 to 5, delivered either in small groups or in one-to-one sessions.

The NTP aims to reach over 500,000 children and young people with high-quality tutoring and support this year. School-Led Tutoring is an important part of this mission, providing schools with the flexibility to either use their own staff members as tutors, or to nominate a local tutoring provider for their pupils.

Education Development Trust is delivering the School-Led Tutor Training Course, which is an evidence-based, self-directed and accessible course focusing on best practice tutoring. This training is being offered to all school staff who are nominated as tutors by their school leaders and is being delivered as of Monday 8th November.

There are three pathways to this training: one for staff with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), one for primary staff without QTS, and one for secondary staff without QTS. The course is designed to help participants plan for and deliver effective small group and 1:1 tuition in the school setting.

 The training content brings together a vast array of research on small group tutoring and useful resources for various subjects and phases. It also includes useful modules on SEND, tutoring in alternative provision settings and delivering speech and language therapy sessions. The training platform also allows for prospective School-Led Tutors to share ideas and resources as they progress through their learning.

Education Development Trust’s Yalinie Vigneswaran, Programme Director, said:

“Education Development Trust has been following the evolution of the National Tutoring Programme over the last 15 months and it is clear that this important part of the Department for Education's recovery effort has the potential to have a significant impact on outcomes for young people.

We have designed an evidence-based, virtual, flexible training programme with prospective School-Led Tutors and their pupils at its heart. Tutors will receive recognition from the Chartered College of Teaching and gain access to further resources as they continue to navigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their pupils’ outcomes.

We believe in transforming lives through improving education, and we are excited to bring our decades of experience and expertise to further the impact and reach of the National Tutoring Programme, ensuring that schools can access the tutors their pupils need.”


To read the press release in full, please click here, or to find out more about our School-Led Tutoring offer, please click here.