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Our work in the UK

Having worked with schools in the UK for more than 30 years, we have a longstanding reputation for delivering successful support programmes for educators at national scale. As a research-led organisation, we are committed to developing truly impactful programmes using evidence-based solutions which really work. We work closely with schools as partners through our school-led model to ensure that our programmes deliver the best results for real schools and real teachers.

We have also been delivering high quality careers services for schools, colleges and other educational organisations for more than 20 years. Through our evidence-informed practice, we help to bridge the gap between education, training and the world of work for young people across the country.

Our school-led model

Schools and policymakers agree that the most effective way to deliver national policy priorities is through the school system itself. Our proven framework for delivery is based on a school-led model in which schools, leaders and education practitioners can collaborate and lead meaningful change at a local level.

Our commitment to UK schools

Education Development Trust is a global not-for-profit organisation working to improve education outcomes through expert research and evidence-led design and delivery of highly contextualised programmes which operate at scale.

Our Teacher Development Programmes

We believe that all educators should have access to high-quality professional development opportunities to enable them to improve at every stage of their career. With over 25 years of experience working with the Department for Education on delivering teacher professional development, we have a strong understanding of teachers’ needs, and our international expertise enables us to build on the best evidence from across the globe to further the impact of our work.

National Professional Qualifications: Empowering teachers and leaders to make change happen

We know that the quality of teaching is the most important factor in improving pupil outcomes, but we also know that this cannot happen in schools without effective leadership. Great leaders create the right conditions for improvement in the classroom and school.

Early Years: improving outcomes for disadvantaged children

We have worked with the early years sector for several years, reaching many young children across the UK through our programmes. The period from birth to the age of five offers a unique opportunity to ensure children develop the cognitive, social and emotional foundations for success in both school and later life – and high-quality early years provision can significantly benefit children’s later outcomes, especially among disadvantaged groups.

Early Career Professional Development

Delivered through the Early Career Framework. Investing in early career teachers has never been more important. Following Initial Teacher Training, our Early Career Professional Development Programme offers the essential specialist support needed to improve practice, build confidence and resilience, leading to better job satisfaction and retention.

My predictions: best bets for Teaching School Hub leaders

As we look ahead to the new Teaching School programme announced in England, Matt Davis, Regional Director, UK, reflects on what Education Development Trust’s experience can tell us about the potential impact of this initiative.

School-to-school collaboration and professional peer review

Education Development Trust has been at the forefront of collaborative school improvement, and our wealth of experience – both in the UK and globally – has shown that really effective school-to-school collaboration takes time and care to develop. Schools need to develop the capabilities to collaborate with purpose and rigour, and to ensure that precious resources are used as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Education through technology

Our expertise in high-quality online learning is woven in to all our professional development, providing flexible and accessible learning opportunities, and tailored training to meet the needs of the teachers and leaders we work with.

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