The impact of sector-wide approaches: where from, where now and where to?

Erika Boak

Susy Ndaruhutse

This research reflects upon and reviews the global progress of education sector wide approaches in developing countries since their introduction in the late 1990s

The research is based on an analysis of the global literature, as well as the grey literature on SWAps since they were first launched. The research methodology was composed of (i) a desk review of existing international literature on SWAps, aid effectiveness, education planning, education financing, education outcomes and fragile contexts as well as relevant national, grey literature; and (ii) stakeholder interviews in the form of telephone interviews, written responses to questionnaires or in some cases face-to-face interviews. The informants were made up of experts within the field of SWAps who brought the perspectives of different donors, and independent consultants with national-level experience of  implementing SWAps, as well as some non-traditional donors.