Student integration in Bosnia and Herzegovina: a study of the United World College in Mostar

Mary Hayden

Jeff Thompson

This study is an evaluation of the success or otherwise of the project in encouraging greater integration among student institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In evaluating the extent of the success of the UWC-IB project in encouraging greater integration between UWCiM students from the three BiH groups, between UWCiM BiH students and those of other nationalities, and within the BiH Gymnasium Mostar student body, the methodology adopted was primarily an empirical study. It was based upon fieldwork undertaken in Mostar, as well as through electronic links between Mostar and Bath, and was informed by:

  • a literature review of published research relating to education in post-conflict situations and other sources relating to the breaking down of prejudice
  • an analysis of documentation generated within the context of the UWC-IB project.