'Rooted in Reading' Passports

Steve Willshaw

‘Rooted in reading’ is a reading promotion project offering primary and secondary school students a suite of 12 reading ‘passports’ to encourage reading for pleasure.

The passports encourage the reading of a variety of text types and aim to expand the reader’s literary and non-literary experience. They cover the whole range of reading levels from pre-school children sharing their first books with parents and carers through to high-achieving sixth-form students. After reading a book, children complete an entry that takes the form of a short review in their passport. The student’s teacher, school or public librarian can then stamp their passport with the project’s tree logo to endorse their reading.

This study explored the impact of the specific reading promotion project (namely ‘Rooted in reading’) based on survey responses from a sample of 46 schools in Lincolnshire (16 primary, 28 secondary and one special) and Derbyshire (one secondary) which made use of the passports. The sample surveyed for this research report included only users or facilitators of the ‘Rooted in reading’ project.