Funding the Pupil Premium

Mark Corney

This report explored the introduction of the pre-16 Pupil Premium for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This report is primarily about raising funding for a pre-16 Pupil Premium rather than distributing funding through a pre-16 Pupil Premium. Discussion of the distribution of funding concentrates on the argument that at 14 the Pupil Premium should be paid to disadvantaged young people attending FE colleges as well as schools. The impact of a pre-16 Pupil Premium on pupils, between schools and between local authorities has been discussed elsewhere.

Furthermore, the report considers how funding for a significant pre-16 Pupil Premium can be raised fairly in the context of the fiscal deficit. The means by which the extra revenue for the pre-16 Pupil Premium is raised must be fair to young people and their parents. Social justice requires that both the means and the ends are fair.