An international review of plans and actions for school reopening

Rachael Fitzpatrick
Astrid Korin
Anna Riggall

This report is based on a rapid survey of recently published materials, guidance documents and media commentary. It summarises what we know and understand about the impacts of the prolonged school closures that followed the spread of Covid-19 and the context of school reopening and plans for learning recovery.

The current state of school reopening across the globe is chaotic, varied and deeply political, and with increasing concern for learning loss and wellbeing, governments are under pressure to act. To meet the urgent need for evidence on the emerging challenges and solutions in this crisis, Education Development Trust is conducting rapid reviews of the latest published research, guidance documents and media commentary to produce accurate analyses of the current global situation, and draw evidence-informed conclusions on how the world’s education systems can best recover from the impacts of Covid-19.

This report is the first of these reviews, and focuses on:

  • The continuity of learning during the period of school closure;
  • the status of school reopening plans;
  • plans for learning recovery and student support; and
  • the state of support for learning recovery in lower-income contexts.  

Our recommendations for policymakers in response to this research, detailed more thoroughly in the report itself, are: 

  1. Promote student and teacher wellbeing
  2. Maximise time spent on learning, particularly for disadvantaged students
  3. Make teacher professional development a priority
  4. Make learning recovery – as well as health – a priority when planning school reopening
  5. Secure short-term and long-term funding for school education

Read the full report here.

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