Impact Report

Our outstanding people are our biggest asset

Laura Bell

Our work delivering the National Careers Service was judged as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted in 2017. As a learning organisation, we commissioned our own review into what we do well and why our approach is effective and our report, Putting people first, shares our findings. Laura Bell is Director of Careers at Education Development Trust and was instrumental in commissioning the report.

We commissioned this external review of our service so that we can continue to improve. I was absolutely delighted with our Ofsted grades of ‘outstanding’ and ‘good’ and we consistently deliver on our clients’ KPIs; however, as a learning organisation, we wanted to go deeper.

Our report shows that our success is the result of a multi-faceted approach; success in this field, we believe, will only come with the right melding of people, technology, information and sheer determination to succeed, whatever the context.

In any economic cycle or situation, the role of easily accessible, relevant and useful careers advice and guidance is crucial in helping to channel the talent that exists towards the roles that will be most appropriate and rewarding for them, and to anticipate and meet the employer need for staff to contribute and thrive with them. Our provision of the National Careers Service helps to ensure that a society has a talent pipeline that is future-proofed and resilient – and what country doesn’t want that?

This report highlights some of the key ways in which we continue to innovate, lead and influence in the provision of careers advice. It outlines how we value knowledge sharing, measuring impact and empowering our staff and partners so that they, in turn, can equip our clients to prosper in the future.