Impact Report

Annual Impact Review 2020/21

The impact of our work is critical to all we do at Education Development Trust. In this report, the third of our Annual Impact Reviews, we present the ways in which our work has made a positive difference to learners, teachers, leaders and education systems around the world, and how in another exceptional year, we have strived to further our mission to improve lives by transforming education worldwide.

This report enables us to not only demonstrate the growing impact of our work across our portfolio of programmes and research, but also to reflect on the positive ways in which we have impacted the lives of individuals through our work in the past year.

Despite the ongoing disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic in many education systems, we are hugely proud to have engaged over 1 million more learners than we did last year – reaching 3.55 million learners in total. We also worked with 174,000 education practitioners and over 6,000 system leaders, as well as launching ten new programmes across the UK, Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa – in areas as diverse as employability, pupil behaviour management, teacher professional development and blended learning.

Among many other achievements, the work of our teams this year has enabled teachers in contexts as diverse of Brunei, Lebanon, England, and Rwanda to develop their skills and practice. It has enabled disadvantaged girls in Kenya to avoid learning loss in the face of widespread school closures, transformed the professional development of school leaders in Ethiopia, and helped thousands of individuals to navigate a changing employment landscape in the UK. Meanwhile, our research and consultancy teams have continued to contribute to the global evidence base on what works in education, and worked alongside partners including ministries, donors and non-government organisations to design sustainable solutions to education challenges across the globe.