Case study

National Careers Service case studies

The National Careers Service supports thousands of people each year, providing advice and guidance to help our customers make informed decisions about careers, courses and work.

Below are just a few examples of the positive impact our work has on the lives of our customers.

Shazeea: Approaching career goals through apprenticeships

After a long time out of work, Shazeea needed help to secure a job. Thanks to her session with the National Careers Service, she secured an apprenticeship! “I am slowly coming out of my shell and my journey with the National Careers Service and with Mark has made it happen.” Click to read Shazeea's story

Lyndsey: Using furlough to upskill

While Lyndsey was placed on furlough, she contacted the National Careers Service to boost her employability and understand her career options, “The National Careers Service has helped me to understand that I have relevant skills that I can apply to other roles, and that it is possible to move industries!” Click to read Lyndsey's story

Lee: Bridging the skills gap after redundancy

Lee was made redundant after 22 years of employment with the same company, so he contacted the National Careers Service for advice and guidance. Lee got the help he needed to identify and reduce his skills gap, completing a project management qualification that enabled him to secure a position in management. Click to read Lee's story. 

Kenneth: Showcasing skills and strengths

After a long time of unemployment, Kenneth contacted the National Careers Service for guidance into moving back to work. Through his session, he learnt to showcase his skills and strengths and feels more in looking for the right job for him. Click to read Kenneth's story. 

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