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Accelerate was created and developed by Education Development Trust in partnership with the Chartered College of Teaching to support early-career teachers, quickly raising quality of practice and increasing confidence. Funded by the Department for Education in England the programme is for teachers working in schools which are classed as requiring improvement or are within an area defined as having the greatest need.

The challenge

In England the retention rates of early-career teachers have fallen considerably in recent years. This combined with continuing teacher recruitment challenges has led to a significant teacher shortage in some subjects, so the need to increase early-career teacher retention rates is high. The first few years of a teacher’s career are critical, where learning opportunities, nurturing and support can make or break a career in teaching.

All early-career teachers face challenges, but in some schools, they are particularly acute. Raising the attainment of children continues to be a focus in England, particularly in areas where this falls below the national average and social mobility is low. High-quality teaching is the biggest in-school factor in raising the attainment of children, making the greatest difference to disadvantaged pupils. 

Teachers’ learning curves are at their steepest in the early years of their careers. To reach a high standard quickly, teachers need sustained, expert support. However, schools in challenging circumstances may have limited capacity to provide this, so teachers may not fulfil their potential.

Our approach

The four-term programme commenced early in 2019 with teachers receiving their formal induction onto the programme and access to online activities and learning content. There are several face-to-face training sessions across the four terms where participants have expert input and work with teachers across all subject areas – a 2-day regional residential and two further locally held one-day workshops which focus on the key content of the learning modules.
Specialist coaches support participants throughout on a 1:1 basis, guide online conversations with programme participants, and run short local workshops each term to bring participants together. Online modules guide participants’ practice and prompt reflection on development, providing practical video examples, activities and resources tailored to different subject areas and phases.
Accelerate participants are supported by excellent Teaching School Alliances (TSAs) who act as delivery hubs. They lead local delivery utilising significant pre-existing regional networks, provide coaches and host communities of practice and events. These hubs receive support from our own small central team with coaches receiving intensive face-to-face and online training, as well as expert supervision.

Our blended learning model includes a feature-rich, mobile-friendly online learning platform as well as video coaching software to ensure that our programme of support is as accessible and flexible as possible to meet the needs of participants.

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