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School-Led Tutoring Programme

The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) supports schools by providing access to high-quality tutoring to help pupils whose education has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The NTP has been expanded for the second year of the programme, offering schools three routes to tutoring: Tuition Partners, Academic Mentors and School-Led Tutoring. School-Led Tutoring has been designed to give schools and academy trusts more flexibility to use those tutors that they determine will best meet the needs of their pupils.

As part of the School-Led Tutoring Programme, Education Development Trust is delivering the School-Led Tutor Training Course, which is an evidence-based, self-directed and accessible course focusing on best practice in tutoring. This training is being offered to all school staff who are nominated as tutors by their school leaders.

Tutors will receive recognition by the Chartered College of Teaching and gain access to further resources as they continue to navigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their pupils’ outcomes. 

How it works

Schools will receive a ring-fenced grant which they can use to source their own external tutors, or they can use the money to support existing staff to provide tutoring. This can include teaching and learning staff such as teachers, teaching assistants and initial teacher training (ITT) candidates, or external educators such as retired teachers or local tutoring organisations. Schools can nominate a tutor by visiting the NTP website.

There are three pathways:

  • Qualified Teacher (QTS) Pathway
  • Non-Qualified Teacher (QTS) Primary Pathway
  • Non-Qualified Teacher (QTS) Secondary Pathway

Teachers with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and teachers without QTS who have at least two years' experience teaching the subject and phase they wish to tutor in are encouraged to undertake an optional training course. This will take roughly two hours to complete, and will help them plan for and deliver effective tutoring. The school is responsible for nominating the correct pathway for each tutor.

All other staff who have been nominated to become tutors – including teaching assistants, trainee teachers and teachers without QTS who have less than two years’ experience in the relevant subject and phase – will be required to access the mandatory School-Led Tutor Training Course, which will take approximately 11 hours to complete.

Participants will have four weeks in total to complete the virtual, self-directed training and assessment, regardless of which pathway they are enrolled on.

Programme content

The School-Led Tutor Training Course is designed to help schools and tutors plan for and deliver effective small group and 1:1 tuition in the school setting.  The training content brings together a vast array of research on small group tutoring and useful resources for various subjects and phases.

We have designed an evidence-based, virtual, flexible training programme with prospective School-Led Tutors and their pupils at its heart.

The curriculum will cover core topics including how children learn, how to plan tutoring sessions, how to work effectively with class teachers, child safeguarding and protection, adapting learning experiences for SEND pupils, providing support in alternative provision settings, speech and language therapy, behaviour, motivation, literacy, mastery learning and delivering tutoring online.

At the end of each of the three pathways, there will be an online assessment.

Upon successful completion of the online course, tutors will receive certification as a School-Led Tutor, recognised by the Chartered College of Teaching, as well as partial credits towards Chartered Teacher Status.

Want to know more?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions for further information about the School-Led Tutor Training Course.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries about the School-Led Tutor Training Course, our dedicated support team will be happy to assist.

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Do you want to take part?

Your school can nominate candidates for School-Led Tutoring once they have registered via the NTP portal. If you would like to be nominated as a School-Led Tutor, we advise contacting your Line Manager who can begin the application process. Once they have nominated you, you will receive a link via email to our onboarding form where you can register your details.

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