Blog: An introduction to the new NPQs

A fresh new set of NPQs for teachers and leaders is launched this autumn

Education Development Trust is proud to be a lead provider of the new NPQs, and we believe we are uniquely well placed to deliver them. We bring fresh eyes to the new NPQs allied to a broad and deep expertise in what works in education.

We provide market leading training programmes for teachers and education professionals here in the UK, and we run education programmes around the world. Our NPQs offer is fuelled by an unparalleled combination of thorough and diverse experience.

Let’s look at what the new NPQs are, why they have been introduced and why Education Development Trust is ideally placed to lead in delivering these qualifications.

From November a new suite of NPQs is being introduced by the Government. They remain both voluntary and valuable. Research has shown that high quality professional development for teachers has a significant impact on classroom outcomes. They can make a big difference to you, your career, your pupils and your school.

As part of the overhaul the government have ceased the previous NPQ in middle leadership, replacing it with three new specialist NPQs.

The specialist NPQs are focused on Leading Behaviour and Culture, Leading Teaching, and Leading Teacher Development.

The current trio of leadership NPQs in Senior Leadership, Headship and Executive Leadership have been retained and reformed.

All the new qualifications are rooted in evidence and focussed on providing teachers with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. The aim is to create a ‘golden thread’ running through professional development - that’s the idea that all levels of qualifications on offer are of top quality and interconnected. It also means that the curriculum for each NPQ is determined by the Department for Education. However, there is flexibility across providers in how they deliver the qualifications, and that is where Education Development Trust’s unique position comes in to play. We are perfectly placed to provide a strong and fresh NPQ offer.

Education Development Trust has a rich history of offering programmes rooted in evidence, relevant to the experience of education professionals and proven to deliver results.

We bring the same principles and excellence to each of the NPQs we offer.

We are working in partnership with internationally recognised experts from Sheffield Hallam University’s Institute of Education and Evidence Based Education, who will bring their valuable expertise and rigour to the work we do. Our national network of school-based Delivery Partners play an equally important role, ensuring that the content we create is deeply rooted in an understanding of what is needed in real schools, right now. Whatever your context, this combination of expertise from the classroom and beyond will challenge and support your growth as an educator, helping you to continue to transform children’s life chances in your work.

Our NPQs are built around the real needs of schools and leaders, and our training materials are written and produced by experienced practitioners currently working in the education system ensuring our resources are relevant and our techniques can be successfully implemented to the immediate benefit of both professionals and learners.

We tailor our NPQ programmes to your needs and experience. We start with a diagnostic session, identifying strengths and skills gaps and then frame and scaffold your learning accordingly.

We combine tutoring, face-to-face teaching and both live and recorded online learning.

We use scenarios that you’ll recognise from your own teaching experience, and you’ll be able to draw on what you’ve learned every day.

We understand the school experience. Because we know the pressures of timetabling and teaching, we pay close attention to workload and wellbeing. We offer resources and support for all, in particular new headteachers through our approach to the Additional Support Offer.

Our Leadership NPQs guide experienced and aspiring leaders through learning that examines the three layers of influence: school culture; the organisational conditions which bring this culture to life; and how these conditions can promote excellent teaching in every classroom.

The specialist NPQs provide a formal framework through which teachers can hone and develop expertise in their craft. We then help teachers to draw out the proven techniques that apply best to their own settings.