Supporting a new generation of maths and physics teachers

Future Teaching Scholars

Launched in 2016, Future Teaching Scholars provides an exciting new route into teaching, specifically designed for exceptional maths and physics students. It is a comprehensive six-year programme that provides scholars with support and training, access to exclusive resources and events and helps scholars find their first teaching job.

In recent years, the number of graduates in England pursuing teaching has decreased significantly. Teacher recruitment targets have not been reached, leading to a continued shortage of secondary school teachers. This shortfall has been most acutely felt in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Teacher retention is also an ongoing issue; according to a 2020 report by the Education Policy Institute, only 50% of maths and physics trainee teachers remain in their post five years after graduating.

On behalf of the Department for Education, Education Development Trust is delivering the Future Teaching Scholars programme with the aim of nurturing a new generation of passionate and talented maths and physics teachers. Our scholars commit to a six-year programme which is indicative of their commitment to, and passion for, the teaching profession. They are educated in their subject to a high level and scholars receive a grant of £15,000 to support their studies.

The first three years of the Future Teaching Scholars programme run alongside a scholar’s undergraduate degree. During this time, scholars are allocated to their nearest Regional Training Centre (RTC) – outstanding teaching schools that coordinate subject-specific and teacher development opportunities in a given area. Scholars attend numerous school-based mentoring meetings, regional training and networking days, as well as two three-day teaching experiences.

This is followed by one year of initial teacher training (ITT) continuing with one-to-one assistance to find their first teaching role. Scholars then receive a further two years of support, coaching and mentoring as an early career teacher. Our first cohort of scholars began their ITT year in 2019 and are graduating from the programme in 2022 as qualified and experienced teachers in maths and physics.

Employing a scholar

Each year, we work closely with our partner schools to match our scholars with vacancies in schools across England. Schools offer scholars employment on the unqualified teacher salary scale along with an appropriately reduced timetable that may scale up over the year.

We are currently looking for schools that have vacancies for scholars to undertake their ITT year from September 2022. If your school could benefit from employing a passionate subject specialist who is committed to teaching, please get in touch.

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