Covid-19 response

Teacher training for remote delivery

Teachers are and will continue to be central to mitigating the impact of this crisis on learners, and education systems need to make the best of their skills in both remote schooling contexts and when schools re-open. We can provide expertise in remote teacher CPD to support the development of training offers for teachers in response to Covid-19.

Education Development Trust has significant expertise in remote and blended continuous professional development (CPD) support for teachers, including a specialist centre for the use of technology in teaching and learning. We also have substantial experience of using blended learning in our large-scale programmes and of accelerated learning and catch-up approaches.

We have significant capacity and expertise in remote teacher CPD, including low-tech and no-tech solutions. This includes mobile-enabled CPD, through which we are currently reaching 15,000 English and Maths teachers in Rwanda, a blended learning platform, and Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs). We have experience supporting remote communities of practice and providing accelerated learning programmes that can support pupil reintegration.

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