Covid-19 response

Strategies to support school re-opening

We can help to plan and implement approaches to help address re-entry issues now. We will bring our deep understanding of factors that contribute to improvements in learning to today’s crisis.

Ultimately, schools will re-open. Exactly when and how this happens will vary across contexts, but when they do, considered approaches to supporting (possibly staggered) pupil re-entry will be necessary. Cohorts may have widely varied needs, and in some systems, there will be a significant risk of pupils dropping out of education.

We can offer support to plan and implement approaches to begin addressing re-entry issues now, to be better prepared for schools re-opening. We have a deep understanding of the factors that contributed towards improvements in learning before the Covid-19 crisis, and experience designing and implementing effective strategies. Our planning and delivery expertise can support decision-makers in designing effective approaches to partial or full school re-entry.

Covid-19 support

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