Covid-19 response

Our Covid-19 response

At Education Development Trust, we are supporting education system leaders as they adapt to rapid change in the ways they work and how they deliver teaching and learning. Our clients and partners are also preparing for profound longer-term changes in how they work, and how they can make schools and school systems more resilient in the months and years to come.

Education Development Trust is using its wealth of expertise to offer a variety of important services to help education system leaders, decision-makers, and other education professionals to navigate the challenges presented by Covid-19, and mitigate its impacts on education for teachers and learners around the world.

We are keen to support our partners, clients, and other education leaders through this crisis and encourage you to contact us to discuss particular issues or challenges you may be facing, and how we can best support you.

High-speed quality research services

Education system leaders are having to make high-stakes decisions in the face of great uncertainty. We are already providing rapid evidence briefings on a range of urgent priorities, and can offer fast-turnaround research to support evidence-based policymaking across a variety of contexts.

Protecting the most vulnerable

The greatest risks in terms of education, health and economic security are likely to be faced by the most vulnerable learners, who are at greater risk of falling behind or not re-entering education. We can offer insight from our research in inclusive education and our extensive experience working with vulnerable children in a variety of contexts, including running one of the most successful Girls Education Challenge programmes.

Teacher training for remote delivery

Teachers are and will continue to be central to mitigating the impact of this crisis on learners, and education systems need to make the best of their skills in both remote schooling contexts and when schools re-open. We can provide expertise in remote teacher CPD to support the development of training offers for teachers in response to Covid-19.

Quality assurance for remote teaching and learning

Many education systems are working extremely hard to ensure they can provide at least a basic offering of remote schooling, but measurements and guidance on reach and quality are increasingly necessary. We are supporting policymakers and school leaders with best practice guidance and tools.

Rapid call-down advisory service

Ministries of education and donors are having to rapidly respond to unexpected policy and programming decisions, often with reduced team capacity or in unanticipated technical areas. Using our dedicated team of in-house experts and our network of specialist providers, we can provide rapid access to advice and guidance.

System-wide planning support

Education systems need to be able to respond to both immediate and protracted crises. This includes building flexible workforce models. We are supporting policymakers internationally to use the skills available across the education workforce, and can support strategy and planning to meet schooling and wider health and social needs in a crisis.

Coaching for system leaders

Dramatic new demands on education leaders have pushed strategic decision-making into a new realm. We have experience of coaching senior policymakers internationally, from Brunei to Rwanda, and can provide remote coaching services for individuals or for group professional learning communities.

Remote and blended learning for school leaders

School leaders are now faced with unprecedented challenges. Some are wrestling with new remote teaching arrangements and mobilising parental support. Others are forging collaborations with partner schools in dramatic new ways to share resources and meet student needs. Education Development Trust can offer remote CPD and support for school leaders to help them build the new skills that will be critical to navigating this crisis.

Strategies to support school re-opening

We can help to plan and implement approaches to help address re-entry issues now. We will bring our deep understanding of factors that contribute to improvements in learning to today’s crisis.

Covid-19 support

Talk to us about any support you may need during Covid-19.

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