Blog: Leading Teacher Development (NPQLTD)

How Leading Teacher Development can help you make a positive difference in your school

There is a fine and fresh synergy in the Education Development Trust delivering the new qualification in Leading Teacher Development.

It is one of the new suite of three specialist National Professional Qualifications (NPQs), replacing the previous NPQ for Middle Leadership.

Education Development Trust is proud to be delivering those new qualifications. While others are adapting their offer to cope with the changes, we are building something new. Our offer is rooted in local delivery, backed by evidence and experience and, crucially, encompasses a deep understanding and acknowledgement of the pressures teachers are under and the support they need as they progress their career and qualifications.

For those working in state-funded schools, or in state funded organisations that offer education for those aged 16-19, the NPQs are fully funded.

The new qualification is designed to build a cadre of people who can support the wider teacher development agenda.

You’ll be key to encouraging other teachers - whether newly qualified or early career, or more experienced colleagues – to keep progressing, top up skills and ultimately deliver for pupils. By learning to support your colleagues to enhance their development and teaching skills you can make a real difference to your school too. Quality of teaching is the most important factor in improving pupil outcomes, but we also know that this cannot happen in schools without effective leadership.

In addition to the benefits experienced by your colleagues and pupils, the programme will add to your own personal development and professional satisfaction.

You’ll need thorough, supportive and flexible training to help you deliver that development in a way that works for you, your colleagues and staff, and for pupils. Education Development Trust draws on deep experience both in the UK and abroad to do just that.

You may have specific responsibility now, or in the future, for overseeing trainees or early career teachers. The new NPQ from Education Development Trust dovetails with the work we already produce as part of the Early Career Framework (ECF). From this term we are delivering an Early Career Professional Development Programme in schools across the UK. At its core are familiar principles - resilience, confidence and better practice - and mentoring is a big part of achieving those. We know that in-school mentors and their mentees learn new techniques and strengthen essential skills through the ECF that both can use throughout their careers.

Or you may have a broader remit to oversee the development of all teachers in your school or department. The fundamentals of the NPQ in Leading Teaching Development apply either way. It’s about improving practice, breeding confidence and resilience, increasing motivation and giving you the skills and qualities that you want and need to pass on to others.

Education Development Trust is an international charity that can draw on best practice from the programmes we deliver both here in the UK and around the globe. All of our work is rigorously rooted in evidence.

Along with that global reach comes a focus on delivering NPQs that are local in character. We ensure that your learning is appropriate to your specific needs and those of your school or area.

The programme starts with a diagnostic session that identifies your strengths and areas to build on, then your learning is framed around that. You’ll be assigned a local lead trainer to provide tutor support and we ensure cohort groups are drawn from the same area too.

There’ll be a mixture of face-to-face and online teaching.

Most of all the content is rooted in real life using examples that you will recognise and be able to translate easily to your school or classroom setting.

Because Education Development Trust understands the practicalities of teaching, relies on evidence and looks to real life to underpin our offer, support is key to the NPQs we provide.

We ensure that the training fits in with the demands on your time as a teacher. Our NPQs are designed to be flexible and adaptable, so that you can fit them around a busy schedule and work at your own pace.

We seek to provide supportive scheduling. For example, sessions are recorded and available after the event because we understand that there will be times that you’ll be called away at the last minute due to school business.

We pride ourselves on our high quality, school-led, and exceptionally well-managed professional development programmes for teachers and leaders.

We’re already deeply involved with the ecology of education training. From our delivery of the Early Career Framework and the Early Years Professional Development Programme in the UK, to our work in teacher and leadership development around the globe.

Our broad experience in education means we are familiar with the lived experienced of teachers so our NPQs have support, resilience and real life baked in.