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Practical steps to a post-pandemic renewal of learning

Global Dialogue 2021

Join us for a new Global Dialogue virtual event on 25 February 2021, from 10.30am GMT as we look at the practical steps to a post-pandemic renewal of learning.

The dramatic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on teaching and learning has precipitated a need for profound reflection on both the level of global investment required for learning recovery and also on the nature of that investment. To really build back better will take creativity in thinking, but also thoughtful focus on the evidence as to what really works in education and dialogue on the practical steps to using it. In a context of widespread economic turbulence, it is essential that the interventions we design now to restore education outcomes are informed by strong evidence. This event will draw together a range of global experts to examine some of the defining educational issues of our times.

We will facilitate discussion on the design of interventions which aim to make the events of the last twelve months less damaging to the futures of our children and young people. We will begin with a 30-minute plenary session at 10.30am examining all of these issues, followed by three 50-minute sequential panels, with breaks in between. This Global Dialogue is designed to give participants new insights, hypotheses, practical approaches and potential collaborators to support them in making their mark on the futures of young people as we emerge from this pandemic.

Full panel details can be viewed in the Delegate briefing pack. 

25 February  at 10.30am GMT

Ahead of the panels discussions, our plenary session will reflect on the challenges now faced around the world as we move through the Covid-19 pandemic and look to the interventions required to protect the futures of our children and young people. 


11am GMT panel | Effective teachers

Professional development, data and the catch up challenge, the potential of the middle tier in school leadership


12pm GMT panel | Home and community support of learning

Particularly in low income settings; interacting with the wider community to maintain learning continuity, working with the healthcare sector, support for the family


1pm GMT panel | Girls and inclusion

Advancing the educational experience and outcomes for the most marginalised, for girls and for children with special needs 

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