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Oakfield Preparatory School

Oakfield Preparatory School was established in 1887 and joined Education Development Trust in 2001. In Dulwich, the school is non-selective and aims to give pupils aged from 2 to 11 a caring, challenging and inspiring environment where they can develop during their formative years.


The motto at Oakfield Preparatory School is: to care, challenge and inspire. These aims are tangible, present in all meetings and decisions, every lesson plan and at the root of what drives every member of staff: to equip children with the wide range of personal qualities essential to thrive in tomorrow's world, while instilling traditional principles of discipline, courtesy and respect. The school is passionate about delivering an education of the highest quality which encourages our children to be the best that they can be.

Going above and beyond

As a caring community, Oakfield is proud of its diverse ethnicity. It is proud to educate children from every race, colour and creed and every combination of the same. This goes beyond the classroom, beyond the playground and into the lives of all who are proud to be part of a school that is very much at the heart of Dulwich. Oakfield firmly believes in open minds and clear values.

Activities range from jazz to gymnastics and from running to robotics – and many, many more: all designed to help children discover and maximise their talents. Recent successes include six national finalists in athletics and swimming.

The school is successful in meeting its aims... in providing pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum and giving them a good all-round education. Early years' provision for children's wellbeing is outstanding. Childrens behaviour is exemplary.
Independent Schools Inspectorate, June 2014

Over the years, Oakfield Preparatory School has gone from strength to strength and has become a galvanised community with widespread progress in exam and sports results, improved facilities and the development of a very proactive Oakfield Association of Friends. The progress of the school has been reflected recently with a good placing in the Sunday Times league table for the UK's top 100 independent prep schools. Jane Stevens has really put the school on the map. She is quoted: "Oakfield doesn't do boring". The introduction of a new board of governors, parent council and a much closer association with heads from local independent and state schools has been very reassuring and bodes well for the future.
Jeremy Lloyd-Jones, parent council chairman, Oakfield Preparatory School                                                           

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