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International School of Cape Town

The International School of Cape Town is an independent, co-educational day school, offering a British-style education to local and international students from 3 to 18 years and has been owned by Education Development Trust since 2004.


The school has been under the leadership of principal David Hunter, since 2004. During this time, David has cemented the school's excellent reputation and solid academic performance. ISCT is highly regarded for its small class sizes, diverse student population, strong community feel and high academic standards, supported by a dedicated and professional staff. Set in a beautiful building and grounds in a leafy suburb of Cape Town, the school offers an essentially British curriculum to local and international students.

High academic standards

ISCT consistently produces excellent results in benchmark tests and the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) exams. Many International School of Cape Town pupils achieve top-ten results both nationally and internationally in the globally recognised CIE IGCSE and Cambridge International A levels. ISCT school leavers are consistently accepted to their first choice of tertiary educational institutions.

The curriculum for pre-Reception to Year 9 is essentially an international version of the UK National Curriculum with adaptations to bring in local content. Students from Year 10 onwards follow the relevant syllabus leading to Cambridge International Examinations at IGCSE, AS and A level. The curriculum is sufficiently extensive to allow all of its students to develop and to realise their potential; students are encouraged to avoid early academic specialisation to ensure a broad educational experience.

A well-rounded education

Sport is high on the agenda at the ISCT. The school offers an excellent range of sports and other extra-curricular activities and pupils are encouraged to join at least one after-school club. Equally, after-school care is available in the primary school and school transport is also available in certain areas.

ISCT is committed to providing an excellent education with Christian values in a nurturing atmosphere, where children can develop into confident, responsible young people.

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