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Financial capability

Financial capability: Why is it important and how can it be improved?

This perspective piece is aimed at those with an interest in the development of national financial capability strategies and those who are developing or implementing financial capability programmes  

Action research in Abu Dhabi

Action Research Abu Dhabi

Six primary schools and four kindergartens in Abu Dhabi conducted action research projects in 2010  

An international perspective on integrated children's services

An international perspective on integrated children’s services

The study involved a review of the international literature on, and policies relating to, the integration of children’s services  

Lesson study

Lesson Study: Enhancing Mathematics Teaching and Learning

This report looks at lesson study, a school-based professional development initiative that aims to enhance teaching and learning through the methodology of professional sharing of practice  

Language and education

Language and education: the missing link

This report is intended for senior Ministry of Education officials and national leaders concerned with education in linguistically diverse countries, as well as donor agencies supporting basic and post-basic education in low and middle income ...  

Managing teachers

Managing teachers: the centrality of teacher management to quality education. Lessons from developing countries

This report offers a rich menu of examples from different countries of good practice in teacher management and support.  

Tim Morris Award

Education Development Trust's Tim Morris Award offers £2,000 financial support to a PhD or MPhil student in the field of education or international development to support field research in a developing country.