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School self-evaluation

School self-evaluation for school improvement

School self-evaluation can be a fundamental force in achieving school improvement and this review establishes key debates and what the implications are for self-evaluation as a means of leading school improvement.  

From exclusion to inclusion

From exclusion to inclusion

With a specific focus on children with special educational needs (SEN), this review addresses the forms of classroom practice that can help all children to participate, focusing on elements of inclusive education and the implications for schools and ...  

Quality assurance and accountability

Quality assurance and accountability

This review focuses on quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation, and the use of these methods to drive educational improvement and accountability; addressing structures, responsibilities, processes, tools and models of evaluation.  

Developing the talking school

Developing the Talking School

The 'Talking School' is one which prioritises the importance of talking and listening as a means of thinking and learning and as a way of developing collaborative and cooperative skills.  

The chair of the school governing body

The chair of the school governing body in England

This research by Professor Chris James of the University of Bath documents the results of an extensive survey of chairs of school governing bodies and headteachers and has a number of new and substantive insights.  

To the next level

To the next level: improving secondary school teaching to outstanding

Building upon a previous report, this research focuses on schools that either achieve and maintain high-quality teaching or succeed in rapidly improving the effectiveness of lessons.  

Unleashing greatness

Unleashing greatness: getting the best from an academised system

The Academies Commission, sponsored by CfBT, conducted a seven-month 'rapid review' of the academies landscape and this report documents its findings.  

A review of the literature on the role of the board chair

A review of the literature on the role of the board chair: What are the messages for chairs of school governing bodies?

This report reviews the literature on board chairs to inform all those involved in school governing in England about the responsibility, the role and the knowledge, the capabilities and characteristics required of the chair of the school governing ...  

Data dictatorship and data democracy

Data dictatorship and data democracy

This report presents findings from a nationwide survey of English secondary school teachers on their use of, and attitudes towards, pupil performance and progress data