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The school Research Lead

This is the second of three publications that collectively provide a commentary on research awareness and research use within schools in England  

Teaching as a research-engaged profession

This is the first in a series of three reports that collectively provide a commentary on research awareness and research use within schools in England  


Evidence that counts: what happens when teachers apply scientific methods to their practice

As the debate about the nature and generation of education evidence becomes centre stage globally this report leads the way. Twelve teacher-led randomised controlled trials and other styles of experimental research demonstrate the potential of ...  

Language Trends Wales 2015/16

Language Trends Wales 2015/16 is the second in a series of annual reports on foreign language teaching in Welsh schools.  

Rapid School Improvement research cover

Rapid School Improvement

This report looks at the experience of an unusually interesting group of schools in England, in which a dramatic improvement in school quality had taken place over a short period of time.  


Redistributing Excellence

This report explored the role that teacher redistribution can play in supporting equitable workforce planning in the UK context.  


Language trends 2015/16

Language Trends 2016 is the 14th in a series of annual reports charting the health of language learning in English schools.  

Interesting cities

Interesting cities: five approaches to urban school reform

Our latest report is a pioneering comparison of the approaches used to improve school standards in five diverse cities around the world: London, New York, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro and Ho Chi Minh City.  

Effective Teaching

Effective teaching

Teachers are one of the key elements in any school and effective teaching is one of the key propellers for school improvement - this review uses relevant literature to identify what makes an effective teacher.  

Successful school leadership

Successful school leadership

School leaders are under considerable pressure to demonstrate the contribution of their work to school improvement - this review addresses what successful school leadership looks like in a variety of contexts.