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Language and education

Language and education: the missing link

This report is intended for senior Ministry of Education officials and national leaders concerned with education in linguistically diverse countries, as well as donor agencies supporting basic and post-basic education in low and middle income ...  

Bridging programmes

Bridging Programmes

Preparation for undergraduate study through the medium of English  

Smoothing the path

Smoothing the path

Advice about learning and work for disadvantaged adults  

Local variations

Local Variations

A Follow-Up Study of New Arrangements for Connexions/Careers/IAG Services for Young People in England  

Evidence matters

Evidence Matters

This paper offers a straightforward recipe for achieving educational policy objectives whilst at the same time saving vast amounts of public money  

Managing teachers

Managing teachers: the centrality of teacher management to quality education. Lessons from developing countries

This report offers a rich menu of examples from different countries of good practice in teacher management and support.  

Supporting national education reform in Sub-Saharan Africa

Supporting national education reform in Sub-Saharan Africa

This study aims to consolidate and analyse what has been achieved in Rwanda through the Rwandan Education Sector Support Programme.    

Raising the participation age

Raising the participation age

Using the term ‘raising of the participation age’ (RPA) when referring to both aspects of the legislation, this pamphlet explains how the RPA will radically change the definition of what counts as being in education and training compared ...  

Tim Morris Award

Education Development Trust's Tim Morris Award offers £2,000 financial support to a PhD or MPhil student in the field of education or international development to support field research in a developing country.  

OECD teaching in focus: what does teaching look like?

While teachers can make a great difference to student outcomes, we know little about how they teach and what makes “good” teaching.