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Effective Teaching

Effective teaching

Teachers are one of the key elements in any school and effective teaching is one of the key propellers for school improvement - this review uses relevant literature to identify what makes an effective teacher.  

Successful school leadership

Successful school leadership

School leaders are under considerable pressure to demonstrate the contribution of their work to school improvement - this review addresses what successful school leadership looks like in a variety of contexts.  

Higher Education and Developmental Leadership

Higher education and developmental leadership - the case of Ghana

This research paper highlights the important role that quality secondary and higher education has played in the formation of developmental leadership in Ghana. It was commissioned by the Developmental Leadership Program.  

In search of good education

In search of good education:why Emirati parents choose private schools in Dubai

The purpose of this research project study is to reach out to Emirati parents in order to understand their perception of private education in Dubai.  

Engaging early years foundation stage children in computer-based play

Engaging Early Years Foundation Stage children in computer-based play

The project explored the different ways that computers are used in Early Years classrooms and the characteristics that children consider playful  

Debating the evidence

Debating the evidence: an international review of current situation and perceptions

The purpose of this research was to undertake a review of what is currently known, in the hope of providing a focus for the ongoing development of debate activities  

Leading learning in further education

Leading learning in further education

The purpose of this research was to identify things that college leaders do that have the most impact on the quality of learning  

Mindsets and mechanisms

Mindsets and Mechanisms – making integration work in youth support services

This report was designed to establish how arrangements for creating Integrated Youth Support (IYS) services for young people are working out and what impact these are having on outcomes for young people  

Choice, competition and the role of private providers in the Malaysian school system

Choice, competition and the role of private providers in the Malaysian school system

This project aimed to examine whether or not choice and competition exist in the Malaysian system, to describe models that utilise market competition, and to explore how choice and competition can be strengthened.  

Financial capability

Financial capability: Why is it important and how can it be improved?

This perspective piece is aimed at those with an interest in the development of national financial capability strategies and those who are developing or implementing financial capability programmes