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researchED is a grass-roots movement that promotes evidence-based education. The researchED website has been designed and created with the support of Education Development Trust as part of a wider collaboration between the two organisations.

The researchED website can be explored at www.workingoutwhatworks.com (link opens in a new window).

researchED is the online home for anyone interested in educational research, what it means, and how it can - or can't - make a difference in the classroom. The site contains a mixture of information, news, resources and articles.

There are video resources of key voices in education talking about their research, their experiences of research, or their views on how we make the system better and short, introductory one-sheets on key educational topics, thinkers and controversies.

The events pages contain information on past and future researchED events, while the news section contains discussions about breaking news in research, interviews and articles by leading voices in education, as well as news about researchED and our partners.

The researchED website was created with the support of Education Development Trust as one aspect of a wider partnership.