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Research report

Learning to Learn in Further Education

Evangeline Amalathas

A literature review of effective practice in further education in England and abroad

This research aimed to review studies exploring effective learning to learn practice in the FE sector. The research sought to consider the following issues:
  • Is effective learning to learn practice present in FE in England?
  • How similar is post-16 practice in other parts of the world?
  • How can current pedagogical/andragogical practice in FE be improved?
  • What are the implications in the context of current policy developments in England?

Findings show limited evidence-based research about learning to learn in FE. The five models from England, Belgium and Australia identify skills, knowledge and attitudes required to develop learning to learn, with a range of tools and strategies which may be used to assist. Findings also included effective practices that are helping to develop learners’ capacity to learn, although not delivered explicitly under the banner of learning to learn.