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Helping education policymakers deliver on their promises

Helping policymakers to deliver on their promises

We are in the privileged position of being able to work with education policymakers on the transformation of school systems around the world. Here we share some of our practical insights into how we can help policymakers take action on school reform.  

SPP: the power and potential of peer review

The power and potential of peer review

We developed the Schools Partnership Programme in 2014, our school improvement model founded on professional peer review. Here we share our findings to date of the power and potential of peer review and the compelling evidence that points to ...  

Transforming local education systems

Strategies for transforming local education systems

What happens when strategic leaders from more than 20 local education systems across England come together to discuss education reform? This thinkpiece captures the questions raised, their implications and some possible solutions.  


Inside-out and downside-up

What are the inadequacies of the status quo? How might we address any issues and what role does the leader in the middle play in the bigger picture?