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About our research

We want education systems around the world to be evidence informed. We want reform to be tried and tested. We want every child to receive the best education possible. This is why we invest annually in our programme of educational research that is freely available to everyone right here on our website.


What makes an inspiring teacher? What impact does armed conflict have on education? What national and international lessons can be learned from London’s schools turning themselves around? We don’t claim that our research will have all the answers but it is important to us to keep asking the right questions and to make sure that debate thrives.

Every year, we co-ordinate a programme of research projects designed to support our aim of transforming lives by improving education around the world. To extend our reach, we partner with like-minded organisations such as Save the Children, UNICEF or the British Council.

Our research can help teachers choose the most effective teaching methods. It can help policy makers to make informed decisions. It is practice based, it is rigorous, it is robust. And it is all right here on our website and completely free for everybody to download.

How we fund our research

Our research is aligned to the organisation’s areas of education specialism and, using a percentage of our surplus, we fund carefully selected projects each year. Please note that we are not able to fund individual students’ research studies other than through the Tim Morris Award.