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Schools Partnership Programme

The Schools Partnership Programme is our cluster-based school improvement model based on rigorous and impact-focused peer review. We support school leaders to drive their own improvement, through a continuous cycle of self-review, peer review and school-to-school support and improvement. 


What is the Schools Partnership Programme (SPP)?  


SPP is a sector-led, cluster-based approach to school improvement, which has worked with more 800 schools and larger local systems to date in England – more than 1,000 senior and middle leaders.

It is a peer review model that builds capacity and capability across clusters, or partnerships of schools, so they can gradually take more responsibility for their own development and maturity, and lead their own improvement. Through the programme, clusters of schools develop their capacity and the culture needed for impactful cluster working through a continuous cycle of school self-review, peer review and school-to-school support and improvement.  

Schools Partnership Programme

How does it work?


Through our team of SPP associates, we deliver training and support in the skills of peer review.  Clusters also have access to the tools and guidance they need to support their peer reviews, including the peer review framework which is built on key enquiry questions and references the latest research on school improvement. Clusters also benefit from bespoke training and support throughout the programme.  

Schools Partnership Programme: the process


Clusters usually go through 3 key phases (approx 1 year each) that build the skills of peer review and culture change required to develop a mature cluster or local system.

Phase 1: developing senior leaders
Focus on building the skills of peer review and follow-up support at the senior level of the cluster
Phase 2: embedding at all levels

Focus on building the skills of peer review and follow-up support at all levels of the cluster

Phase 3: sustaining and local ownership
Improvement and responsibility for building any further capacity is led and sustained by the cluster

There is also the opportunity to become a strategic partner to Education Development Trust to help lead further development of SPP across their locality and network as an SPP Hub.

For more information – all the latest news from SPP, case studies showing the framework in action and our latest publications and events – go to: (opens in a new window).

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