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Building Learning Foundations in Rwanda

Education Development Trust has a long history of working in Rwanda. Our teams worked with the ministry of education in a post-genocide Rwanda in 2001 to design the education sector strategic plan, the framework of which is still in use today.


Our latest three-and-a-half-year programme is about getting the foundations in place to positively effect the rest of Rwanda's education system. Our Building Learning Foundations programme, funded by the UK government, aims to improve the quality of teaching and leadership in Rwanda's primary schools. The objective of the programme is to improve English literacy and numeracy in grades P1-P3, ensuring that children have the required foundational skills to make successful progress through the system. This will contribute to reducing the repetition and dropout of boys and girls in upper primary grades.

Our approach

We have designed our Building Learning Foundations programme around three pillars: building the capacity of teachers, enhancing school leadership and strengthening the country's education system. Running through these will be the reinforcement of inclusive education practices for children with special educational needs (SEN) including those with disabilities.
Foundation 1: teacher development
Our highly focused teacher development programme transforms classroom practice. Through an enhanced, school-based mentoring programme, we are improving the pedagogical skills of P1-3 English and maths teachers as well as equipping them with the resources they need.

Foundation 2: school leadership

To support, sustain and build upon teacher development initiatives, we have created a proven headteacher coaching programme. The programme harnesses national and local leaders of learning and is combined with enhanced parental involvement and aligned inspection for accountability.

Foundation 3: system strengthening

Underpinning the advances in pedagogy and leadership, our programme also works to strengthen the broader education system infrastructure to improve the management and oversight of education reform, with a particular focus on technical capacity and use/management of data.

Building Learning Foundations: key facts and figures

•    Providing 11,000 P1-3 English and maths teachers with a simple and easy to use classroom toolkit
•    Training all P1-3 English and maths teachers on effective teaching
•    Training all school inspectors on effective supervision and mentoring
•    Training teachers on identification of children with special educational needs and strategies to meet those needs
•    Creating teacher network clusters based around local 'hub' schools