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International Schools Quality Mark

As an international authority on school inspection, Education Development Trust developed its own inspection framework specifically for international schools: International Schools Quality Mark.


International Schools Quality Mark (ISQM) accreditation with Education Development Trust signifies that your international school has demonstrated high standards of student achievement with an effective curriculum, good use of resources, a successful leadership team; and equally that your strong partnerships with parents and the community ensure your students are well cared for and receive an enriched education.

Rigorous quality standards


The purpose of accreditation or inspection is to assure parents and students that the school has been judged by independent evaluators to meet rigorous quality standards. The process of seeking and gaining accreditation with Education Development Trust draws on our proven track record of international experience and expertise in supporting high quality and sustainable school improvement.

To receive Education Development Trust ISQM accreditation, your school must be judged as effective in delivering an education in keeping with its stated aims in relation to the following areas:
• student achievement and progress

• student personal development

• teaching and learning

• the curriculum

• support and guidance for students

• leadership and management

• partnerships with parents and the community.

International schools that are benefiting from ISQM membership are currently spread across three continents, in seven countries. Why Education Development Trust? Our approach means that we do not inspect just to accredit the school and then disappear; our partnership model ensures our continued advice and support, helping your school to build on your strengths, as well as remedying any areas for improvement. By developing a strong working relationship, we will work alongside your staff to help them reach the high standards they are already seeking to achieve.


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