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Inspecting British Schools Overseas

Education Development Trust is authorised by the Department for Education in England to inspect British schools overseas - international schools that offer a UK curriculum.


Internationals schools offering a UK curriculum, such as the English National Curriculum, can seek recognition of the quality of their provision through the Inspection of British Schools Overseas (IBSO) process. With endorsement from the Department for Education (DfE) in London and using a transparent framework of quality expectations, inspection under this system is benchmarked against the standards expected of effective independent schools in England. Education Development Trust is one of the inspection providers authorised by the UK government to provide IBSO. The IBSO process is monitored and quality-assured by the government school inspection agency for England, Ofsted (the Office for Standards in Education).

There are many schools worldwide that see themselves as having a British style or characters. For these 'British schools overseas', this inspection process provides a means to reassure parents that educational standards are comparable with independent school standards in the UK. The inspection process leads to the production of a report that will provide the school community with an official view of quality. The inspection report will be posted on our website as per the Department for Education’s requirements. See Education Development Trust’s British Schools Overseas (BSO) inspection reports.

The benefits of IBSO


The value of the BSO inspection lies, above all, in the rigour of the inspection process that gives recognition to a school and highlights both its strengths and weaknesses in relation to clearly defined UK standards and expectations. This reference provides reassurance for current and prospective parents and a focus for further development.

An additional benefit of IBSO is that it entitles schools that successfully meet the standards, to recruit and induct newly qualified teachers. This recognition provides BSO-inspected schools with an added advantage which may assist in their teacher recruitment and in attracting and retaining new teachers in an increasingly competitive world.

Inspection with Education Development Trust


Education Development Trust has a reputation for quality. We provide schools with an inspection service delivered by quality-assured and respected inspectors with high levels of credibility and relevant experience. Our BSO inspections are organised centrally in the UK, with the added benefit of local intelligence derived from our global presence through our offices in many of the key markets for British schools overseas. We pay particular attention to team composition ensuring that our staff are suitable given the size and character of the school.

How does IBSO work?


The IBSO process is simple and straightforward and a school seeking to be inspected takes the following steps:
    1.    Submit an initial enquiry
    2.    Register for an inspection
    3.    Liaise over the inspection arrangements
    4.    Manage the inspection visit
    5.    Receive the final written report and outcome

Education Development Trust has been authorised by the UK Department for Education to inspect British schools overseas and produce inspection reports. As a DfE-approved inspectorate, our BSO inspection reports are published on our website.

ABC International School, Vietnam

Capital School, Dubai

Children’s International School, Nigeria

Deira International School, Dubai

Dubai British School

Dubai College, Dubai

Dubai English Speaking College, Dubai

Dubai English Speaking School, Dubai

GEMS First Point School, Dubai

GEMS Metropole School, Dubai

GEMS Royal Dubai School, UAE

GEMS Wellington Academy, UAE

GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail, UAE

GEMS Wellington International School, UAE

GEMS Wellington Primary, UAE

Horizon International School, Dubai

International School of Penang (Uplands), Malaysia

Jumeirah English Speaking School, UAE

Jumeirah English Speaking School Arabian Ranches, UAE

Jumeriah College, UAE

Jumeriah Primary, UAE

Kings’ School Dubai, UAE

Nord Anglia International School, Dubai

Raffles International School – South Campus, Dubai

Regent international School, Dubai

Regents International School Pattaya, Thailand

Repton School Dubai, UAE

Safa Private School, UAE

School of Research Science, UAE

St Andrew's International School, Thailand

St Andrew's Samakee, Thailand

Star International School, Dubai

Sunmarke School, Dubai

Tanglin Trust Infant School, Singapore

Tanglin Trust Junior School, Singapore

Tanglin Trust Senior School, Singapore

Traill International School

Victory Heights Primary School, Dubai


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