What we do

Sub-Saharan Africa regional office

Education Development Trust has been supporting education reform in Africa since 1992. We have worked with a range of governments, donor agencies and partners to improve education across the continent, delivering short-term consultancy as well as long-term, national programmes. Our African office is in Nairobi, Kenya.


We have specialist expertise in sustainable school system reform at scale – from improving pupil enrolment and retention to training teachers and advising government ministries. Our educationalists are experienced in leading complex programmes in challenging environments and we also work with like-minded organisations to ensure we maximise our impact.

Delivering sustainable education policy

We combine our deep understanding of the local context with our extensive international expertise to design solutions and strategies for sustainable education policy. Whether it is to address gender inequality, access to education, accountability or the quality of teaching and learning, we work hand in hand with ministries of education and donor agencies to effect long-term change.

Education Development Trust's presence in Africa is long-established – we have had an office in Nairobi since 1992. We have played a significant role in long-term positive change in fragile and conflict-affected states including Rwanda and Somalia and we have worked with other governments to apply our expertise in school leadership and curriculum design.

Addressing the gender divide

We are currently delivering the large-scale UK-government-funded programme Wasichana Wote Wasome, part of the UK-government-funded Girls' Education Challenge. As consortium lead for the programme, we are employing new and effective ways to get girls into school, help keep them there, and make sure they receive a good quality education – and we are ensuring that our solution is sustainable for generations to come. The programme is improving school enrolment, retention, attendance, and learning outcomes as we work with 530 primary, secondary, vocational, non-traditional schools and family-life education centres across Kenya. Find out more in our case study below.

Sub-Saharan Africa regional office

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