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English language teaching in the Middle East

Our English language teaching (ELT) projects in the Middle East aim to enhance the existing skillsets of local teachers and school leaders in the teaching of English and subjects taught in the medium of English.


We fund and deliver projects which aim to advance English language teaching for children in the Middle East and North Africa region, using the ring-fenced funds from our acquisition of the Alexandria Schools Trust in 2014. Through our work, we aim to enhance the existing skillsets of local teachers and school leaders in the teaching of English and subjects taught in the medium of English using these charitable funds.


Developing teacher trainers and subject leaders in Egypt

We have been working in Egypt for more than ten years. We provide high quality professional development with a focus on building local capacity through developing cadres of teacher trainers. Using our deep understanding of the Egyptian context and our extensive English language teaching (ELT) expertise, we work with school groups, such as the semi-private National Institute schools, to empower Egyptian teachers to deliver high quality professional development to their peers.  
In academic year 2016/17, English subject leaders in seven schools in Alexandria were supported through a middle leadership development programme we are delivering in partnership with University College London Institute of Education (IOE). The programme aims to improve subject leaders’ leadership skills and help them facilitate teacher learning communities, with a focus on improving classroom learning. Resources for Arabic-speaking teachers are available at (opens in a new window).


English in refugee contexts

We advise on system reform in fragile and conflict-affected states and we understand the complex language challenges faced by teachers and students in refugee contexts. Since January 2017, we have been working with the Queen Rania Teacher Academy to strengthen the capacity of English language teachers working with Syrian refugee children in Jordanian public schools.  
The project aims to increase teacher confidence, time invested in lesson preparation, and knowledge of ways to diversify instruction based on student needs. We work with supervisors from the Ministry of Education, who work across schools to lead innovation and teacher development.  
In the pilot this year, we have reached 10 supervisors and 124 teachers. Nearly all teachers have indicated they have seen improvements to students, with the key areas improved being language skills, increased participation and enjoyment of learning English. We plan to expand the project next academic year to reach an additional 20 supervisors and 200 teachers while continuing to support our pilot cohort of teachers.