What we do

English language teaching

Governments rely on our expertise to deliver far-reaching English language teaching programmes. We recruit, develop and support qualified English-speaking teachers to transform the life chances of future generations – in particular in Brunei, the Middle East and India.


We know that effective English language teaching starts with excellent teachers; we not only have nearly 50 years’ experience of recruiting expert-English-speaking qualified teachers but we also work with governments to offer transformational training and improvement programmes to ensure effective capacity building for local English language teachers.
Our ELT solutions range from delivery in small clusters of schools to across a national curriculum and everything in between. We support, train and develop our English language teachers to make sure they are the best they can be and to make sure that students taught by our teachers get the very best English language education.

An established authority in ELT

Education Development Trust, established as the Centre for British Teachers in 1968, has its origins in international English language teaching, or ELT. For almost 50 years, our effective, evidence-informed practice has been making a vital contribution to the development of the ELT profession at both the practical and theoretical levels. We seek to improve practice in ELT classrooms, while our research and support has helped develop the discipline of applied linguistics in the ELT area.

With our centre of English language teaching excellence in Brunei, we are an authority on best practice. However, all of our programmes and supporting material are designed specifically for each local context. We know that a solution for Brunei needs to be redesigned to achieve excellence in the Middle East and reworked again to effectively aid social mobility in India.

Brunei: centre of excellence for ELT

Education Development Trust has been working in Brunei as CfBT Brunei since 1984 and has helped the Bruneian government to achieve exceptional results: of the seven top-ranking Asian nations and territories in the PISA 2012 rankings (Shanghai China, Hong Kong China, Korea, Japan, Singapore and Macau China) Bruneian students’ English language proficiency outperforms all but Singapore.

Our current ELT emphasis on English as an international language, combined with our long history of partnership with educational ministries, provides an effective model for national-scale ELT improvement.

Our work in Egypt

Education Development Trust has been working in Egypt for ten years providing high-quality professional development in English language teaching. We have a long-standing commitment to the nation and aim to enhance the existing skillsets of local teachers and school leaders in the teaching of English. Using our deep understanding of the Egyptian context and our extensive English Language Teaching (ELT) expertise, we have created a professional development programme for Egyptian teachers of English. Education Development Trust is also currently developing digital training materials, showing practical ways Egyptian teachers can improve learning outcomes in their classrooms. These resources will be made publicly available to all from our website in academic year 2016/17.

Working with the National Institute schools, a group of 40 semi-private schools across Egypt, we deliver our professional services of English from these schools. Our ultimate aim is to enable the Egyptian teachers to deliver high quality professional development to their peers. In academic year 2016/17, heads of English and heads of primary in National Institute schools will be supported through our middle leadership development programme to improve their leadership skills. As effective system leaders, the aim following our programme is for them to be in a position to support school improvement in all Egyptian schools, not just in their own.