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Challenging Occupational Gender Stereotyping (COGS)

Education Development Trust secured funding through the Skills Funding Agency's Equality and Diversity Innovation Fund to produce Challenging Occupational Gender Stereotyping (COGS) app for iPad.


Drawing on both national and regional research, we identified an under-representation of men or women entering careers in engineering and manufacturing, health and care, ICT and digital and the legal profession.

The COGS resources are primarily designed to support careers advisers in the north east and nationwide to promote careers in sectors where gender stereotyping continues to affect the career choices of adults. It does this by providing in-depth profiles of the types of careers available in each sector and the best routes into employment, as well as highlighting the skills and qualifications employers may be looking for in their workforce.

COGS also features case studies and profiles of men and women who have described their experiences of 'bucking the gender-trend' in their sector, while leading businesses offer insight and industry expertise, describing the work they do and the type of person they look to hire. Finally, a series of facts and figures help paint a picture of the current state of the sector, what the future potential looks like and the importance of a diverse workforce.

Free COGS app for iPad

Challenging Occupational Gender Stereotyping (COGS) by CfBT Advice & Guidance (opens in new window)

Alternatively, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the App Store app from your iPad home screen or desktop
  2. Search for the COGS App (use 'COGS' or 'Challenging Occupational Gender' as your keywords)
  3. To download the App, touch the button that says 'Free', then 'Install App'
  4. Once the App has finished downloading the COGS icon will appear on your iPad desktop ready for you to use

Free COGS resources for Microsoft Word

The resources are also available for free as Microsoft Word .doc files:

COGS women in engineering and manufacturing

COGS women in ICT and digital

COGS men in health and care

Free .pdf COGS resources

Finally, they are also available for free as .pdf files from (all links open in a new window):

COGS women in engineering and manufacturing

COGS women in ICT and digital

COGS men in health and care

COGS men in legal work

Who produced the resources?

CfBT Advice and Guidance Ltd is the prime contractor for the National Careers Service in the North Eat of England. The Equality and Diversity Innovation Fund is an initiative run by the Skills Funding Agency and NIACE to help deliver projects which advance equality, diversity and inclusion. Our project team includes Edwin Milligan, Shirley Sunderland, Carly Hinds and Karim Nower.

The copyright of these resources is vested in the Crown, but the recources are freely available for public use through an Open Government Licence. The full terms of this licence are available at: