With our single focus on education, we have a vast breadth and depth of knowledge and have worked in different contexts around the world. Under the broad umbrella term of school system reform, we also offer specialist expertise.


Proven methodology

We have developed our own proven methodology in many areas of education reform notably in:

  • inclusive education
  • ministry of education capacity building and leadership development
  • policy development and strategic planning
  • school inspection and accountability
  • high impact teacher coaching and management
  • using robust research to improve schools
  • effective school-to-school collaboration and the leadership of school clusters
  • curriculum reform and development
  • private-public partnership for school management
  • supporting education in fragile and conflict-affected states
  • school system reform

Underpinned by international best practice

We work with local and national governments as well as with policymakers and donor agencies to address specific issues. Our work is always designed to suit local need but informed and underpinned by international best practice.  

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