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How we work

As a values-led, not-for-profit organisation, it matters to us that our consultancy work leaves a lasting legacy of sustainable change. We work hand in hand with our clients and share our international, research-informed expertise to improve education.


In-house expert consultants

We offer short-term technical assistance as well as longer-term programme design around the world. We have offices in the UK, Africa, the Middle East, India and south-east Asia and we have a team of in-house expert consultants as well as a pool of loyal associate consultants to ensure we can have the right person in the right place at the right time.

Research informed

As an organisation, we are research-informed. We invest annually into our programme of authoritative and respected education research – freely available to download fromour research library. We currently provide short-term consultants for international projects funded by the UK and Norwegian governments and international bodies including UNICEF and the European Commission. For these and other clients we have delivered consultancy around the world intended to help to improve education systems.

As well as our research, we regularly publish our thinking and latest learnings (see our insights section) to help to refine what works in education.

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