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Technology: are today’s children ready for tomorrow’s world?

29 November 2017

How do we make sure that today's children have the digital skills required for tomorrow's world? The Telegraph grappled with this issue in its latest report, Education in the open economy, and asked Sarah Horrocks, director of our award-winning London Connected Learning Centre, to contribute.

London Connected Learning Centre works with schools and other settings – headteachers and teachers as well as parents and families – to use digital technologies to improve learning. As an authoritative spokesperson on the power and potential of technology in education, Sarah referenced London CLC's partnership supporting the Education Endowment Foundation metacognition research project, ReflectED that saw primary school children use an app to reflect on their learning; those who had participated in the programme made an average of four months' additional progress in maths compared to those who did not.

Use technology appropriately and strategically

'We are passionate about using technology appropriately and strategically in education – to enhance and support learning of "traditional" subjects and to engage pupils in digital subjects such as coding,' confirms Sarah. 'It was great to be able to contribute to the piece. I see our work at London CLC as essential and I seize every opportunity I can to promote the primordial importance of the role of technology in education.

'I think it is important to underline that integrating technology isn’t just about giving all children a tablet. It is about the careful design and delivery of a digital strategy – and it is as much about knowing when not to use it as it is about using it.'

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