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Top marks at the International School of Cape Town

09 March 2017

Seven young achievers from our International School of Cape Town (ISCT) based in Wynberg, Cape Town, had reason to celebrate this month when it was announced they had attained some of the best results in South Africa in the University of Cambridge's International Examinations (CIE). The results place the ISCT as one of the top three CIE-based schools in the country.

Seven ISCT students achieved the highest marks in the country and of particular note is the performance of siblings Jemimah and Gregory Dean. Jemimah collected her fifth Cambridge Outstanding Learner Award gaining the highest mark in South Africa for her A-level music examination and the third highest mark in the world. Gregory Dean, who, by scoring the highest mark in South Africa in AS-level history and English literature, achieved his fourth Cambridge Outstanding Learner Award.

The other achievers in 2016 were Nathan McCabe who gained the highest marks in South Africa in IGCSE English literature and David Gran who gained the highest marks in South Africa in IGCSE history. Our other AS/A-level achievers were Cecilia Gran (gaining the highest marks in South Africa in AS-level biology), Kartikeya Bhardwaj (gaining the highest marks in South Africa in A-level biology) and Grace Nadin (gaining the highest marks in South Africa in A-level chemistry).

Outstanding achievements

David Hunter, principal at the ISCT, said the entire school was very proud of these students’ outstanding achievements in their Cambridge International Examinations: ‘These are amazing achievements and we congratulate them all on their top marks. To achieve highly in a subject is quite simply fantastic. A special word of congratulations is due to Jemimah Dean, who has done phenomenally well to have achieved a Cambridge Outstanding Learner Award five times.

‘We acknowledge the input and dedication of our specialist subject teachers, as well as those in the primary school who have laid the foundation for many of these students. We are pleased that the awards are across a wide range of subjects, and the winners are a good representation of our diversity of nationalities at ISCT. These awards demonstrate the very high standards we aim for and serve as a good benchmark for what we are doing. The school wishes those who have done so well everything of the best for the future – we have no doubt that they will continue to achieve remarkable things.’

The ISCT was established in 1998 and provides a nurturing environment to 450 foreign and local scholars from over 35 diverse cultures and nationalities from nursery to A Levels. Find out more at (opens in a new window).

Some of the award winners and their teachers, from left to right, Cecila Gran, Rick Greener (biology teacher), Philip James (history teacher), Greg Dean, Josie Lewis (English literature teacher) and Nathan McCabe.