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Transforming local education systems

08 June 2016

The recent White Paper from the Department for Education provides a detailed articulation of the Government's continuing education reform agenda, including increasing academisation and considerable changes to the role of local authorities in education.

To support the sector in developing strategic responses to these developments, Education Development Trust and Isos Partnership facilitated two seminars for senior leaders from more than twenty local education systems across England.

This report provides an account of these seminars, articulating the critical challenges and emerging opportunities which schools and local authorities are facing together. We examine the ways in which local systems can minimise the risks of fragmentation while reaping the benefits of autonomy. We also debate the conditions for and characteristics of effective partnership working and collaboration at scale.

Through case studies and practical accounts of our current work around England, the report explains the ways in which some areas – with schools and local authorities working in partnership - are supporting the ongoing transition to becoming truly school-led local education systems.