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Steve Munby addresses ICP Council

17 October 2016

In August this year, our CEO Steve Munby was asked by the International Confederation of Principals to speak at their 2016 Council Meeting in Perth, Australia.

Hosted by Australian Secondary Principals Association (ASPA) and Australian Special Education Principals Association (ASEPA), the Council Meeting saw a number of guest speakers attend the event, all giving talks on the theme 'Act Local - Think Global'. Steve's speech, entitled 'Creating opportunities for leaders to make a difference', referenced some of Education Development Trust's most recent research reports, including Rapid School Improvement and the Five Interesting Cities report.

The Conference, set over three days, explored the role of the school leader to help shape student destiny. All attendees were asked to think about this UNESCO statement before attending:

Education transforms lives and is a major driver of the development of nations. Inclusive equitable quality education promotes life long learning opportunities for all.  It is transformative and universal and addresses global and national education challenges. (UNESCO, 2015)

Unable to attend in person, Steve pre-recorded his address to the Confederation, which is available here [click here to view, opens in a new window]. Steve left the council members with a challenge at the end of his speech:

How serious are you, within your current system, about ensuring effective collaboration with other schools? What more can be done to move towards outcomes-focused collaboration that genuinely improves outcomes for students and prioritises collective efficacy between schools?