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CfBT Education Services (India) win NASSCOM award

15 March 2016

CfBT Education Services, India, have won a prestigious award for 'supporting improved community accountability'. The NASSCOM Foundation, which aims to promote and develop social and environmental solutions in the IT-BPM industry, set a challenge to help improve engagement and accountability between schools and their local communities.

CfBT designed a mobile-based pictorial School Score Card (SSC) that depicts school quality indicators for the illiterate mothers of the school children. By using the SSC on their mobile devices, mothers can easily understand and score the school on basic quality parameters such as student and teacher attendance, basic infrastructure, quality of the mid-day meal, use of teaching learning materials in classes and so on.

SMS's containing the data collected are sent to a centralised CfBT server which can then be used by the school leadership and the community to jointly improve the quality of government schools. This data is also useful to State level Education officials to track the progress of the schools.

NASSCOM is an association of over 1600 software companies which brings together their CSR funding to help solve local school challenges.

"The community accountability programme is an innovative means of engaging illiterate parents from disadvantaged communities with the education of their children", explains Dwithiya Raghavan, Chief Operations Officer, CfBT Education Services.

"It uses street plays and rallies to create awareness among the parents about their children’s right to a quality education.  The mothers in the School Management Committees (SMCs) are then trained to use a pictorial School Score Card (SSC) and a traffic light system to rate the school on agreed quality indicators."

As a result of this innovation being implemented we have seen impact on several key school quality indicators:

  • 100% of the Principals in the project schools state that the right school quality issues were identified in the SMCs
  • 66% of Principals say they act on feedback from the SMC in the project schools when compared to only 12% in the control schools
  • There has been a 40% increase in number of schools getting a green rating in teacher attendance

In summary the programme gives the power to the community to ensure that their children receive the quality of education that they deserve.

For more information on the awards, please visit the NASSCOM Foundation website here

Dwithiya Raghavan accepting the NASSCOM award for 'supporting improved community accountability'.