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Collaboration and community create Good outcome for Benjamin Adlard

06 July 2016

Benjamin Adlard Primary School, a CfBT Schools Trust academy, has been praised by Ofsted for its transformation into a Good and improving school where children love to learn, just 19 months after being put into special measures.

In its latest inspection report, published today, Ofsted says strong, determined and visionary leadership has radically changed the attitudes and ambitions of pupils and staff alike, leading to a rapid transformation in the quality of teaching and outcomes for children at the Gainsborough school.

During their two-day visit on 7 and 8 June, the inspection team found that leaders and teachers have much higher expectations of what pupils can achieve and the children themselves have pride in their work and their school. The report says:

"Pupils' renewed sense of pride in their school is evident in their positive attitudes to learning and the high-quality work they produce."

The report singles out the appointment of head of school Sam Coy in May 2015 as the turning point for Benjamin Adlard saying that, along with executive headteacher Marie-Claire Bretherton, he has reshaped the school’s vision and united the whole school with a sense of shared responsibility.

Inspectors were impressed with their 'exceptional' leadership and hub model of working, which draws on expertise from two other CfBT Schools Trust academies – Mount Street and Lincoln Carlton – as well as support from the Kyra teaching school alliance, all led by Ms Bretherton.

"The executive headteacher is a national leader of education, and an inspiring and visionary leader. She has put her considerable expertise of leading effective schools to good use, developing ambitious plans and forging effective links and relationships between staff in the three schools she leads. These tight-knit, trusting partnerships have been instrumental in the school’s success."

Ms Bretherton said: "I am absolutely delighted with the outcome of our recent inspection. They say 'it takes a whole village to raise a child'. In terms of school improvement, it takes a whole community to transform a school.

"The support from our partner schools in the Kyra Teaching School Alliance, and in CfBT Schools Trust, has been instrumental in our journey to Good. We have had visits from children in other schools, sharing of staff and expertise, shared professional development, advice, ideas and encouragement on a weekly basis from our colleagues. We could not have done this without the community of support around us."

CfBT Schools Trust chief executive Chris Tweedale said: "We are so proud of everyone who contributed to this wonderful result for Benjamin Adlard, which is richly deserved. Its complete transformation in the space of 19 months is testament to the power of collaboration as a force for positive change in our schools."

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