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CfBT welcomes Careers of the Future report

10 December 2014

CfBT welcomes the new future careers research launched today by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES).

The report shows that technology-rich roles such as mechanical engineers and software developers are among 40 jobs highlighted as offering excellent prospects and boosting the economy.

At CfBT, we believe it's vital to educate pupils and students for the global economy we are operating within. We also recognise that STEM subjects, and in particular mathematics, can play a key role in economic development. That’s why we are delighted to be supporting teachers of Core Maths (opens in a new window) in schools and colleges, through the Department for Education sponsored Core Maths Support Programme (CMSP).  Core Maths qualifications are recognised as equivalent to half an A level and can count towards securing university places. It has been widely welcomed by universities such as Aston and Reading.

Core Maths qualifications will be available for all schools and colleges from September 2015 as part of a national drive to encourage students who are not doing A-level maths to continue studying mathematics beyond GCSE.  

As Steve Munby, CEO at CfBT says: 'The Core Maths qualifications will make maths count more than ever, bolstering existing skills and enhancing students’ career prospects for the future. Through this programme we are already reaching out to employers such as BAE, Tesco, Delphi Systems, Flybe, Denne, Cummins and Subway, all of whom are committed to preparing students for the working world.

'Our expert teams of youth careers advisers are well placed to work with students across London to highlight the benefits of this new programme and to strengthen the pool of skilled workers available to deliver the Careers of the Future. We will draw on this new research from UKCES to help inform both our youth career advisory work and our National Career Service (NCS) programme in the future.'

As Deidre Hughes, chair of the Promoting Core Maths Advisory Board highlights: 'We need to capture the imagination of more young people though good careers advice from an early stage so that they can think about the work of work and how they can benefit from using their knowledge and skills in the workplace. Mathematical skills are in high demand from employers and the subject is changing in schools to become more relevant to everyday life.'

Download the report from UKCES here: (opens in new window)