The art of school inspections

Tal has 14 years of experience in the education sector. She started her path as an educator herself - working for many years as the educator of young adults in informal education. She later went on to programme management and consultancy for NGOs, ...  

Ed Dev Trust at the first Global Disability Summit

Jacqui Mattingly is Principal Education Adviser at Education Development Trust and an expert in inclusivity. She has authored a trilogy of research reports looking at the right to education for children with disabilities in Rwanda, Madagascar and ...  

School improvement to take away

Programme Manager Kieran Cooke reflects on how, at Education Development Trust, we have successfully exported a UK-proven school improvement initiative to the slums of Mumbai and Nairobi.  

Focus on: literacy

Matt Davis is UK Director at Education Development Trust and a former teacher, manager, researcher and trainer while Marian Gould, as UK Contracts Programme Manager, has been instrumental to the success of many of our programmes over the last 20 ...  

Academic excellence in the face of adversity in Nairobi

Regional Director Tim Bainbridge and Head of Consultancy Jonathan Coyle visit one of the best performing schools in the area – and find it is in the heart of the Kawangware slums.  

Who teaches refugees?

Lina heads up our work on the ground in both Lebanon and Jordan to improve the quality of education for Syrian refugee children while Ruth is Education Development Trust's expert on girls' education, education in conflict-affected countries and ...  

English-medium policy should not mean ‘English only’

Dr Anna Riggall is Head of Research, Education Development Trust. She was part of the Education Development Trust and British Council team that commissioned the research and was overall project director for the research.  

Creating a fairer, stronger society

Laura Bell is Director for Careers at Education Development Trust as well as President of the Career Development Institute. She inputs into government policy and translates that policy to our operational contracts. Here she comments on the work we ...  

Connecting the worlds of education and employment

Aarti Jaswal is Education Development Trust's National Work-Related Learning Manager. She channels her passion for working with young people by bringing together employers, schools and colleges to ensure students have meaningful, formative and ...  

How to make the world a better place?

Susy Ndaruhutse, Head of International Development and Project Director for Global Learning Programme, Wales, was invited to join a consultation panel discussing young people and the Sustainable Development Goals.